Sunday, July 12, 2015

Ramadan - Day 25

Sofiyah and I had our sahoor at 5.15am.  We had bread dip into canned Adabi Sambal Ikan Bilis.  Either the sambal ikan bilis were delicious or we were famished.  Alhamdullillah.

I continued spring cleaning Mak's abode.  If last night after Teraweeh I cleaned and mop the kitchen, this morning I took down the curtains and washed it and hung it back.  No need to dry it outdoors.  That was what the lady at the dhobi shop in Kajang taught me. 

Then I changed the bedsheets and pillow cases with Sofiyah's help.  These bedsheets and pillowcases were sewn by Mak before she had the stroke.  I was getting it ready for my younger brother Zulfitri and his family when they return first day Raya, In shaa Allah.

Zul helped me change the sofa cushions. Sofiyah did the vacuming and moping the hall and bedrooms.  We then filled the Raya cookies into the candy bottles. 
We return to Kajang after solat Zuhur.  When I said goodbye to Mak, I seek forgiveness from Mak and hug and kiss her.  I did the same for abah.  Mak and Abah I love you both very very much. 

When we reached home it was almost asar.  Did my solat and then head to the kitchen to cook for iftar.  Then when I was in the bathroom, Khairulzaman informed me that brother Burn came to deliver more Tempoyaks.  He also brought a Raya hamper gift from his son Dzulqarnaian for hubby and all of us.  Thank you Dzul. 

Brother Burn also brought fresh durians in the huge tupperware for me because he knew I dont know how to cut open the durians......Alhamdullillah.

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