Friday, May 1, 2015

Pekasam Ikan Tilapia

Its Labour Day today....but no holiday for us housewives.... I am not complaining or whining.... I love being a housewife.

So.....for lunch today I cooked this extra dish, besides the gulai udang lemak cili api, which is Pekasam Ikan Tilapia.

My besan from Kota Tinggi i.e. kak ngah's mother-in-law, Puan Juliyah  gave me this frozen pekasam prepared by her uncle from Ipoh. Just follow the recipe included in the package.

First fry the Tilapia in a little oil until crispy both sides. Fry over very low flame....otherwise the Tilapia will break into me.

Then remove fried Tilapia onto a Corning Ware dish....actually any brand also can.... leave it there (sounds familiar pula....heheehe....)

Anyway then using same oil in kuali fry onions and cili padi and the rempah leftover in the package (if already dispose the package...never mind lah. Next time do not throw until finish cooking)

Fry fry fry until onions and cili padis amd the rempah looks like picture below.

Then remove and pour over the Tilapia in the Corning Ware.  Squeeze limau kasturi all over the Tilapia and then use scissors to cut the kulit limau kasturi and decorate it over the Tilapia.

Add unsqueeze limau kasturi for action only.

Eat Pekasam Tilapia with very hot rice.  Can ignore the gulai udang lemak cili api.  Trust me.

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