Friday, May 1, 2015

Jati Picnic Table with Foldable Benches

After solat Jumaat today, Wahid and I drove to Sungei Chua village to collect a set of picnic table made from jati wood.

When we loaded it onto our pick-up truck it looks like a three seater wooden sofa.  But then when we reached home and place it on the terrace near the car porch, and when we unfolded it, it became a picnic table with two benches.

So until we use it when all the children and grandchild are home, hubby says we should leave it folded. 

Oh! The towkay who sold us the picnic table gave me an "Air Plant" as free gift.  He said very low maintenance...and he means really really very low maintenance....i.e. no need to water, put fertiliser or trimming whatsoever...just place it anywhere indoors or outdoors. It will grow. But then, once a while just spray with water.

So I place it in a wooden bowl filled with scented potpourri (left over from Kak Ngah's wedding) on the coffee table.

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