Monday, May 4, 2015

Badruzzaman's Engagement

I cooked fried mee hoon for our breakfast before travelling to Bangi for Badruzzaman's engagement ceremony. Except for Kak long, all my children and sons-in-law attended the event.  Kak long was still suffering from morning sickness.

We drove in three cars.  Aminuddin and kak ngah in Ahmad's car. Wahid in Badruzzaman's car whilst hubby, Sofiyah, Khairulzaman and I in hubby's car.  Khairul drove us.

We stopped at the florist and.bought a bouquet of fresh flowers and a basket of fresh fruits. Badruzzaman bought a Secret Recipe cake.  These gifts are for Badruzzaman's fiancee besides the two rings.

We were welcomed by Maisarah's family. Badruzzaman did not join us after showing us her house. Maisarah will be Badruzzaman's fiancee.  After the formal discussion of 'merisik' and 'bertunang', as per our Malay custom, I put the merisik and tunang rings on Maisarah's fingers.  Alhamdullilah.

We then had lunch cooked by Maisarah's mum.  One of the dishes she cooked was my favourite i.e. Laksa Johor.  It was delicious.

In shaa Allah the wedding will be in October hopefully before kak long's delivery.  My second grandchild In shaa Allah.

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