Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tafsir class at Masjid Ibnu Sina

If last week I could not attend Tafsir class at Masjid Ibnu Sina, today I went with my close neighbour Hajah Zaitun, who I fondly call kak Tun.

We left Kajang at 8.45am thinking we could reach class before 10am.  Boy oh boy...traffic was so bad from Taman Cuepacs to KL that when we reached Masjid Ibnu Sina it was 10.15am.

I was quite embarassed when Ustaz Abdullah Bukhari greeted me when I came into class.  So sorry ustaz....for coming in late.  Alamak....I had to seat right infront of the class since kak Tun had already taken the 5th row seat.

After class we drove to Bangi and had lunch at Restoren Nasi Bryani Johor.  

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