Saturday, March 21, 2015

Muhammad's Second Birthday

After hubby and I had our breakfast at Everly, I love their sambal kacang with nasi himpit, we decided to check out early and to shop at Alamanda Mall which is next door to Everly.

We shopped at Uniqlo, hubby's favourite boutique.  I bought a blouse for Sofiyah and myself. Similar design, different colours and of course sizes too. Sofiyah size S, me....ekkk L!! Heheehe.....still maintain ok!

Then hubby wanted to buy our grandson's birthday present, but I told him I already bought Muhammad's birthday present. 

Then from Alamanda we drove to Pedas to attend a wedding reception.  After which we had our solat zuhur at Rumah Liza. 

I was shocked to see the unkempt compound at Rumah Liza.  Hubby said once his new farmhand, Rozie arrives Monday, Baha can then proceed to clean up Rumah Liza. Phew!!

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