Saturday, March 7, 2015

Morning Sickness

When hubby informed me that kak long is pregnant again....I said Alhamdulillah.  So Muhammad Shahbudeen will soon have a little brother or sister, In shaa Allah.

My son-in-law Aminuddin and kak ngah arrived at our abode just after eshaq.  They had dinner which I cooked that evening.  Gulai lemak cili api ayam kampung. 

Aminn will be leaving for Palembang Sunday morning via AirAsia. So kak ngah will drive him to KLIA2 early tomorrow morning.

We were watching a movie on Astro when we suddenly heard a child's laughter outside.  It was Muhammad playing with the cat Louis Vuitton aka Louie. 

When Muhammad entered the house I gave him a big hug and smothered him with my kisses.  I miss Muhammad so much.  Kak long was not her usual self.  I could understand that.  I went through her stage six times over....

When I had morning sickness during my was so bad that I was hospitalised for a few days.  Usually my morning sickness lasted about two months.  After that my pregnancies were a breeze until delivery, Alhamdulillah.

Well kak long, In shaa Allah your morning sickness will be over soon. Ummi pray for your good health.  Aamiinn.

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