Thursday, December 4, 2014

Aliens removed......

I finally decided to have the screws and plate removed from my fourth little toe on my right foot at KPJ Kajang Specialist Hospital. Thus last Monday 1st December, I went to see my orthopaedic surgeon at KPJ Kajang.  The good doctor than fixed Wednesday 3rd December to do the operation.  

I was admitted on Tuesday night.  Sofiyah accompanied me since hubby was still at Tanjong Malim.  We were in room 406.  The room smelt funny.  The night nurse then explained that the room had undergone buffing.  Lets ask uncle google what is buffing....

Hubby and Ayeshah then came later that night.  Sofiyah wanted to spend the night with me at the hospital but hubby was against it.  But Sofiyah got her way when she persuaded her father to allow her to stay.  Being the youngest in the family is a bonus!!

I was already fast asleep when hubby and Ayeshah left us to go home.  I woke up when the nurse came at dawn to give me medicine.  I then had my fajr prayer and read the noble Quran.  At 8.30am the nurse on morning shift gave me the surgical gown to wear during the operation.  Sharp at 8.45am I was wheeled into the operating theatre.  

It was already 10am when I was wheeled out of the OT. The nurse showed me the screws and plate in the bottle. I was still groggy but I could hear my hubby talking to the nurses.  I then slept till noon.  Woke up very hungry.....and guess what.....I was served chicken porridge! Still hungry, Ayeshah tapau for me Mee Udang from the hospital cafeteria. 

I was discharged that afternoon.  Alhamdullilah, I am fine.  The doctor will remove the bandage on my foot Monday, In shaa Allah.

(X ray of my right foot showing the screws and plate)

(the place and screws....I thought only two...but there were five)

(my bandaged food....looks like a mummified face! hehee.....)

(my bed for the night.....feeling creepy.)

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