Sunday, October 26, 2014


Sofiyah had her last paper Thursday 9 October for her PT3 exam.  I then went to her school to take her home.  After packing our bags, I called Ayeshah to drive us to the KTM station for our ride to KL Railway Station.  Both of us were carrying our cabin size luggage and when we wanted to go to  the platform on the opposite side, we were disappointed when the lift had broke down.....again.  So we had to carry our luggage up the long flight of stairs and cross the pedestrian overhead bridge to get to the other side.  

We were surprised when, upon reaching the top, an MRT worker, a Bangladeshi, came to our aid.  He helped to carry both our luggage to the other side.  I thanked him and gave him RM5, which he refused at first, but I told him to use it to buy his lunch.  

The KTM commuter to KL Railway Station only arrived around noon.  We reached the station about forty five minutes later.  I rushed to the ticket counter to purchase two tickets on the ETS for our trip to Ipoh.  I understood there will be a train leaving KL Central at 1pm.  So I told the ticket clerk that I would like to purchase the 1pm ticket to Ipoh  He refused to issue me the tickets and insisted that I bought the 3pm ETS to Ipoh instead.  That really annoyed me.  Rather than wasting my time arguing with him, I bought the 3pm ticket.  

As soon as I reached the platform where Sofiyah was waiting for me, the 1pm ETS arrived.  It was then 1.09pm at KL Railway Station.  Sofiyah and I boarded the train, but we were on the wrong coach.  Our tickets were for coach D but we sat in Coach J.  There were only half a dozen passengers so we sat right in front where there was plenty of leg room.  Then when the lady ticket inspector came on board, she accepted our tickets, no question asked.  Alhamdullilah.  Otherwise we have to wait for the 3pm ETS.

The ETS ride was very confortable.  We were both hungry, so Sofiyah bought food at the coach where the mini cafe was located.  We both ate fried mee hoon.  Sofiyah also bought a beef burger. We finally reached Ipoh at 3.40pm.

 (me on the ETS to Ipoh from KL Railway Station)

After our Zuhur/Asar prayers at the station's surau, I called hubby to inform him that we have reached Ipoh.  Hubby told us to continue the journey to Taiping because he was still at Sungei Panjang.  So, Sofiyah and I then took a taxi to the bus terminal which was just around the corner from the railway station.  That hardly five minutes ride cost us RM10.  What a rip off!!!

We finally reached Taiping at 6pm and called Wahiduzzaman to pick us up.  Wahid told us to wait for him at the nearby Masjid Taiping.  As soon as we reached the masjid, it started to rain very heavily.  When Wahid finally arrived, the rain had stopped.  So he drove us to Taiping Perdana Hotel where we stayed for the night.  

(Sofiyah in the bus to Taiping)

After checking in and leaving our luggage in our rooms, Wahid took us to dinner at Doli restaurant where I had mee rebus while Sofiyah and Wahid had fried kuey teow. We then returned to the hotel and waited for hubby.  He only arrived at 9pm.

The next morning, we drove to Taiping Lake Garden and theTaiping Equine Park, followed by the trip to the Taiping Museum of History.  


(the above pictures were at the Taiping Equine Park)

 (pictures at the Taiping Lake Garden)

(pictures at the Taiping Museum of History)

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