Friday, October 24, 2014


We left Taiping after Friday prayers and headed to Penang.  Our last visit was when we ate pesambur and penang laksa at Jln Gurney.  We were on our way home from Padang Besar then.  But as for hubby this was his second trip in two weeks....hehehe..

For our trip this time around we took the Penang 2nd bridge, thinking it would be a lot faster.....boy....were we wrong.... There was a horrible jam when we drove into hubby decided to use the waze app to get us out of the jam.

We then found ourselves driving up Balik Pulau to Ferringhi....It was raining the whole journey up and down the winding road.....Wahiduzzaman was driving.

When we finally reached the hotel....Alhamdullilah the rain stopped.  So we had dinner at a Pakistani restaurant, Safar Marwah, just across the road.  Then we went shopping along Bt Ferringhi.

I bought myself a cotton patchwork sling bag....Made in Malaysia. That was what the sales guy told me.  Well...the workmanship was good alright.

The next morning after breakfast....Sofiyah and I went to the beach and had fun 'swimming' in the sea. Wahid then joined us. Then we all went to the hotel swimming pool where my children taught me to tread water....
I was still umable to master treading water.   Really really need to learn......

We left Penang, after having lunch at Jln Gurney.  This time we took the ferry to the mainland. 

We sent Wahid to the hotel we stayed earlier in Taiping since he left his car there.  We bid goodbye. I gave him my big hugssss and kisses.

Then hubby drove us all the way home. 

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