Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ramadan Day 18

This morning for our pre dawn meal I cooked scrambled eggs.  Only Sofiyah and I ate the scrambled eggs with wheat bread.  Of course for the scrambled eggs we poured kicap manis kipas udang plus pepper. Yummy!!

As usual after Fajr prayer I read the Quran.  I completed Juzuk 17, Alhamdullilah. Then......zzZzzZZzZz..until 10am. 

Then I sms to all the Tadarrus ladies that they should proceed without me....because I had to go to Giant.  I needed to purchase a new hot and warm water dispenser.  The old dispenser had kaput.

So I drove to Giant.  I felt awkward...coz I have not been driving the last two months.  Alhamdullilah, I reached Giant safely.  Since I was there I did some grocery shopping too. 

I did find an ELBA water dispenser but I did not like the model on display.  So from Giant I drove to TESCO.  There I bought a PENSONIC water dispenser.  But then when I reached home and wanted to install it....I found its side had a slight gap.  Feared that the gap was a factory defect, I wanted to change it at Tesco.

But then Ayeshah offered to change it for me, Alhamdullilah.  So I waited for the plumber instead.  He only came at 2.30pm.  So I showed him the burst pipe along the outer wall....the damaged faucet in my sons' bathroom and to replace the old faucet under the kitchen sink.  After he completed the job....I offered the riped rambutans for him to take home.  Hey....he was not paid with rambutans... I paid in RM.  But then, he had to pluck the rambutans himself....heheehe...

For iftar since there were leftovers from yesterday's iftar....I just fried omelette using two duck eggs for today's iftar.  When using duck eggs to make omelette...use lots of chopped onions and chillies and drown the ducky odour.....

Then for Teraweeh prayers....hubby, Sofiyah and I went to Masjid Uniten.  When we reached the Masjid....eshaq prayer had begun.... I borrowed one of the Masjid's chair since more comfortable.

Then whilst waiting for hubby at the car....Sofiyah took my picture and then we took selfie too.....

On our way home...we drop by at the Arab grocery store since hubby wanted to buy fruit juices made in Turkey.  While waiting for hubby...Sofiyah and I bought two oblong mutton burgers and three beef burgers from a burger stall near the Arab store.

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