Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ramadan Day 17

Hubby and my children who works in Selangor are on leave today.  So is Wahid who is studying in Ipoh Perak.  Wahid returned to Ipoh at 4pm today.

I had Tadarrus with the ladies at Hajah Nomi's abode.  At first there were three of us...Hjh Nomi, Hjh Rafisah and I.  Then Hjh Sarah joined us half an hour later.  Alhamdullilah we completed Juzuk 12.

When I got home after Tadarrus, I began cooking for Wahid ayam kampung masak lemak cili api and fried ikan bilis with green chillies.  Thus he could eat it during iftar when he reached Ipoh.  He could also share the dishes with his housemates.

For Teraweeh hubby,Sofiyah and I went to Masjid Ikram.  I got to pray beside students from Africa.  They were a lot taller than me.  I was between Sofiyah and the Africans.  Next to Sofiyah were students from Indonesia.

When we got home after Teraweeh....the sweet aroma of freshly baked Lasagna came from the kitchen.  Ayeshah cooked the chicken Lasagna.  It was delicious.

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