Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Jeruk Petai (pickled stink beans (parkia speciosa)

 (blanch the petai in boiling water)

(leave the petai seeds in the bottle filled with water and salt)

One of my favourite ulams is petai.  When eaten raw, you need to eat the skin too, not just the seed.  Then only it is effective when you want to get rid of the stones in the gall bladder.  That was what my mother use to say whenever anyone mentioned that they have gall stones... One of them was my relative from Singapore.  He visited my mother when he was vacationing here in Malaysia, and told her that he has stones...."Kak Yah, Acit ada batu lah kak yah...susah nak buang air kecil".  Since abang Acit does not like petai at all, my mother cooked a dish, gulai pucuk ubi tempoyak, and include the petai which she sliced thinly.  Unknowingly, abang Acit ate the gulai tempoyak, petai and all..... The next morning, he told my mother, "Kak Yah, batu dah keluar lah, tapi busuk lah air kencing Acit".  Then my mother told him about adding the petai in the dish, and abang Acit continue eating petai from then on.

When my hubby returned from Perak yesterday, he bought a few bunches of petai.  Since the petai has large seeds, I told hubby, let's make petai jeruk.  So, I boiled water in a large 'periuk' and blanched the petai for a few seconds.  Then, I removed the seeds by squeezing the petai skin.  I then put the seeds in a large bottle, filled it with water (cooled warm water) and add salt. 
I will then leave the bottle at room temperature for about a week.  

When the petai becomes pickled, it can be eaten with rice, but first, put the pickled petai in a bowl with the petai water, add sliced shallots and birds eye chillis too.  My hubby love to sip the petai water....But, as for me, I only love to eat the pickled petai....

Pickled petai when cooked with ikan masak lemak cili api, it is so.....delicious.  Eat with rice and sambal belacan too..... Mother-in-law walk past also you don't see one....(Malay proverb) 

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