Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Crabbing at Herron Point, Mandurah

(Ayeshah 'saluting' the sun??)

(still x crabs...)

(beautiful sunset)

(x crabs till the sun goes down...)

(where art thou, crab??)

(this is how we do it...)

(note the shoes i wore, also so windy)

(Me posing with the net)

(Ayeshah posing with the net)

My daughter and I reached Perth International Airport safely Saturday morning 5th February 2011. It was 20 degrees celcius on that Saturday morning. We were surprised when my friend Zahrina and Sharifah welcomed us at the airport. As we walked to her car, I felt as though it is not summer time here, because it was so cold...

Zahrina then took us to her house at the Vines (north of Perth) from the airport. The journey took only half an hour. After having a light breakfast, my daughter took a nap in the living room whilst Zahrina, Sharifah and I chatted in the kitchen.

I then helped Zahrina prepare lunch. At around 1.30pm, Nordy, Linda, Norman and his wife came for lunch. Xany could not make it, since he was still at work. Since we were all going to Herron Point to do crabbing, Zahrina packed the extra food she made for us.

After lunch, at around 3.30pm, Sjorz (Zahrina's husband) sent us to Mountway Holiday Apartment in Mount Street, Perth. When we finally checked in, it was already 5pm.

Xany, Azuan and Aziz came to pick us up at around 6pm. They were late, because they went to the wrong apartment... They went to Mountsbay apartment instead of Mountway..... No wonder Linda called me twice to say that Xany was already waiting for us at the car park.... He was at the wrong car park...

Anyway, the journey from the City to Herron Point almost took an hour. When we reached Herron Point, Nordy and Linda were already there. So were their friends who came in two cars. I was so excited to get started....

When I saw the beach... I was thinking, how to find crabs... it was not even low tide.... Then Xany said not to worry... the water was only knee deep... at the deepest point... Oh!! Really??

Anyway, we had to put on crabbing shoes (more like a Tai chi shoes), in case the crabs got nasty and started pinching our feet.... It was so cold when I first set foot into the sea... what with the very chilly wind blowing so strong.... should have worn my jacket....

So Ayeshah and I got into the sea, me holding the large net, slowly walking in the water and looking downwards for crabs..... Nordy said, if we do find crabs, we had to scoop it out of the water and put it in the basket which Xany was dragging.... Small crabs should be released back into the sea....

We did not catch any crabs... but we managed to view the sunset... It was awesome... When we finally returned to the beach, we were really feeling cold... I then changed into my jeans and joined Xany and Amir's wife who were trying to fry chicken wings... They could not do that because the wind was too strong and the flames of the mini cooker were unsteady, that was why the chickens remain uncooked!!

So... we all packed our things and drove to Jandakot. We went to Amir's house and his wife, with Linda, finally fried the chickens. Then, together with the food Zahrina packed for us, we all had dinner at Amir's house.

By the time Xany, Azuan and Aziz sent us back to the apartment, it was almost midnight. My first day in Perth was fully utilised. I enjoyed every moment of it. Thank you my dear friends...

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