Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love at First Sight......

(Just follow the logo...)

(hoot hoot hoot...)

(Im floating.....)

(having so much fun jumping over the waves...)

(bird watching me watching bird...)

(our footsteps woke up this hunk!!! Heheee...)

(just look at the white beach sands... and the deepest blue sea... awesome...)

(the calmer side of the beach... )

(this part I like......)

Wednesday 9th February was my last day in Perth. Since Cottesloe beach was just a 20mins train ride from Perth, I decided to spend my last day there.

Ayeshah, Ika (she stayed the night at our apartment) and myself took the Red Cat at Hay Street to the Train Station. We got off at Wellington Street and walked to the Train Station, a stone throw from the bus stop. The train to Cottesloe was at platform 4. I bought the train ticket for AUD3.50. Ayeshah and Ika use their Transperth student card.

When we reached Cottesloe train station, there was a sign board informing us how to get to the beach. Very easy...... just follow the logo drawn on the path to the beach.... The walk to the beach took us 10 mins only.... We passed the Golf Course... and then... Voila!! There was the beach....

It was awesome.... the sands were so white and the water so blue..... I just cant wait to get into the sea.... We then look for a place to sit and while every beach goer were sun-bathing... me and the girls were looking for a shady area.... we found one underneath a pine tree.....

Ika did not want to swim... so she looked after our belongings while Ayeshah and I went to the changing room. The changing room and toilets were in a building close to the beach. Its FOC. Too bad the shower were out of order... So, we had to shower in the open.

There are lifeguards at Cottesloe beach. There was also a lady lifeguard. While walking to the sea, a couple said Hi and asked me whether I was going to swim the channel. I was puzzled but replied of course not. Why? They said I was wearing a full body suit so they thought I was a channel swimmer.... Well, being a Muslim woman, of course I have to cover myself, but that does not stop me from having fun at the beach....

Ayeshah and I than ran towards the blue sea... and when we got into the water at ankle deep... it was soooooo... cold.... But we went deeper anyway.... Then when the water was waist high, it was no longer cold.... The water was crystal clear... I could actually see the sand beneath... I tried going further out but dare not because there were strong waves.... I could float but unable to swim well.... unless in the swimming pool.... So, Ayeshah and I played in the cool blue water.... Ika took photographs of us in the water... She could take good pictures...

We were in the water for an hour... I was reluctant to return to shore... but since we need to go to Ellenbrook that evening, we quickly went ashore. The seawater at Cottesloe was not sticky at all.... So, even after a shower minus the soap and shampoo.... we could change into dry clothes without feeling uncomfortable. Of course we had to take the shower (fully clothed) outdoors... there were two showers on the left and right side of the building.

We then had lunch, sardine fried rice n sardine sandwiches, which I cooked that morning. For drinks, we had apple juice and sky juice. After lunch, I dozed off.... zzzzzzzz.....and woke up, fresh all over.... and walked to the train station to return to the city.

I hope to return to Perth again and spend more time at Cottesloe beach... I wonder whether Bondi is also like this.... But then,

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