Friday, January 14, 2011

Timpohon Gate

(hubby at the start of the trail...)

(with a climber from Miri and her son)

(hubby taking a break...)

(long way upppp..)

(this climber made it to the top of Mt Kinabalu)

(from the entrance at Timpohon Gate)

(Hubby walking towards the ticketing office to purchase entrance tickets to hike Mt Kinabalu)

(@Kandis shelter, 1st pitt stop)

(hubby returning to Timpohon gate)

(@Timpohon gate)

When hubby purchased the tickets to hike Mount Kinabalu, we were told not to climb higher than 1km. Reason being we only begun climbing at 11.30am and it would take us an hour to reach 1km and another hour to descend. The Timpohon Gate closed at 2pm.

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