Friday, January 7, 2011

Mount Kinabalu (3rd day @Kota kinabalu

(my first view of Mount Kinabalu)

My husband and I left Jesselton Hotel, Saturday 18th December 2010, after breakfast. For breakfast, we had eggs and toast with tea. No Nasi Lemak, no roti canai….. In fact, maybe theres no roti canai at all in Kota Kinabalu…. Hmmmmm…

Anyway, we then drove in our rented car, a MyVi, to Kinabalu Park, which was about an hour’s drive from Kota Kinabalu town. We had the map for directions, but the road signage were bad….. We only saw the Kinabalu Park signage once as we left the city centre.. We then had to ask for directions at the petrol station when we wanted to fill up our petrol tank.

We did lost our way again, when we took the wrong turn at the third roundabout. There are numerous roundabouts at Kota Kinabalu…. Again, we had to seek directions from a local at another petrol station….

Finally we managed to find the right way…… That also we trailed this tour van…. Luckily we heed to Nini’s advice of not riding the motorcycle…. The road was uphill all the way…. At times it was drizzling …. Luckily no heavy rain….

Halfway up, we took pictures and also stopped at this roadside stall selling handicrafts. We bought a windchime (bamboo). The view of Mount Kinabalu along the way was magnificent.

When we reached Kinabalu Park, we had to pay the entrance fee. There was quite a long queue. I enquired from the park rangers whether we could drive into the park. We could, but only until the Timpohon gate. The foot of Mount Kinabalu.

We took a break at one of the shelters along the way to Timpohon gate. We had our packed lunch. Suddenly my husband received a call from our eldest daughter. She called to convey us the good news that she had cleared her Final exams. She has thus graduated in the course she was pursuing… a Bachelor In Business Administration. We were so happy. Then I informed my husband that our second daughter also got through her finals. She graduated in Bachelor in Accounting and Finance. My husband was so exhiliriated. He asked how come my second daughter had not informed him. I told him, she was waiting for her elder sister to convey the news first…. So it was a double joy for my husband and I…. Alhamdullilah (Thank You Allah).

After lunch, we then drove another 4km to the Timpohon gate.

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