Wednesday, August 18, 2010

When 'it' can't go up...

I read a comment in the Sunday newspaper about husbands who can't get 'it' up. One wife wrote about her husband, who can't get his 'it' up, and she was happy about it, until she suddenly found out he was taking stimulants to bring 'it' up! And.... to perform not with her, but with other women!

Well, to the wife, when she knew about 'it' not going 'up', why didn't she helped her husband?? She should not have felt downright happy about it... Perhaps she does not need 'it' as much as before... But then, if marriage is for life, so is s**.

I have not encountered this problem yet, hopefully not, ever. But then, I ensure my husband takes honey with black seed oil mixed with water every morning before breakfast, his supplements i.e. multivitamins, ensure he does not drink iced water and his morning run at least 3 times a week.

Of course, I also make sure he does not stress himself.... heheheee. But most important is to pray for good health always... Ameen.

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