Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mini Maha 2010

"My husband won the Best Farmer Award (Male) 2010 at State Level for this year's mini MAHA which was held in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan on Friday July 9 2010. He received the award from our Menteri Besar YAB Dato'Seri Utama Haji Mohamad bin Haji Hasan."

This morning (Friday), I drove alone to our farm in Pedas. I took the LEKAS highway to Seremban town. I preferred to drive along this highway because I enjoyed the scenery and also there are not much traffic. Well, actually I could have taken the shorter route which was via the PLUS highway to Seremban, but then, since I was involved in an accident in February last year, I felt phobia each time I tried driving this highway.

Anyway, when I reached Seremban, I drove to Senawang and had breakfast at Restaurant Ummi Aishah. This restaurant belongs to Zahid, Zahrina's elder brother. He managed this restaurant with his wife, Basra. They got an 'A' for their restaurant awarded by the MPS (Majlis Perbandaran Seremban aka Town Council).

Zahid's restaurant serves one of my favourite Singaporean dish, which is Mee Siam. This particular mee siam is not available elsewhere in Seremban. In fact, only Singaporean or exSingaporean (like myself, having lived in Singapore before) know what Mee Siam is. It is a vermicelli dish with gravy. It is so yummy yummy. Actually it is not difficult to cook either. My mum knows how to cook it, but I don't. I have the recipe, but am too lazy to cook it... because I am the only one who loves this dish. So, I might as well eat it at Zahid's restaurant when I suddenly crave for it.... Heheheee..

Oh ya... besides mee siam, there's also mee rebus, lontong, mee soto, nasi lemak, and also, another favourite of mine, Tahu Goreng. Tahu Goreng is actually fried tofu, cut into 4 pieces, with cucumber, tauge and carrot on a plate and sambal kacang is poured over it. Alamak.... describing it makes my mouth water lah....

Anyway, Zahid told me that his house was robbed last week. Imagine the robbery was done in broad daylight. His daughter was alone at home when the robber/s strike. She was sleeping in her room when she heard loud banging on the front door. She peeped through the window and saw the front gate was wide open. She then rushed into her parents' bedroom and locked the door and called her dad, Zahid. Zahid was at the restaurant entertaining his brother who arrived from Singapore. Both of them then rushed home and saw the front door smashed. The robber/s stole Zahid's brand new Plasma television. He did not care, as long as his daughter was not hurt. Now he has a new solid front door. His daughter now follow him to the restaurant early in the morning and continue her sleep behind the counter in his restaurant. Zahid only lost his plasma tv. Perhaps the robber/s wanted to watch the World Cup 2010 via the plasma tv. Waddaaaaa....

After having breakfast at Zahid's restaurant, I drove to the farm in Pedas. Our farm is Ladang Ternakan Haji Budin. My husband started this farm in 1988. Anyway, I had to do stock check on the number of cattle and sheep at the farm. I counted the number of heads with Ana, our clerk. Then, to the store to count the balance of cattle feed left.

By this time, I really really need to take a bath. I stank. Whenever I do stock check of the livestock, the animal odour stuck to the clothes I wore. I have the cattle odour and the sheep odour... Blend both odours and..... I really really stank!!!

After having my bath, I followed my husband to Seremban. He had his Friday prayers at the Islamic Centre mosque in Paroi. I waited for him at the Gedong Lalang surau and had my zohor prayers there. He then told me to wait for him at the mini MAHA venue in Paroi.

We met after prayers, and had lunch at one of the stalls. The weather was actually hot and I told my husband to put on his cap. We then proceeded to the main tent for the opening ceremony. The VIPs arrived half an hour late. When the MB (Menteri Besar) was delivering his speech, it rained cats and dogs....

By the time all the recipients received their awards, the rain stopped. Thank God. Husband and I then had Char kue Tiew and we left the venue and proceeded to Kak Ton's house. Kak Ton aka Zaitun, is my husband's elder sister. We visited her after hearing from Zahid that she had an accident at her house... But then..

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