Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Court Room

I have never been into a court room before. I only saw what it was like on television. The most memorable one was the movie Kramer Vs Kramer. Anyway, I was in Seremban on Tuesday 22 June, to attend a court hearing between my kid brother and his wife. His wife was seeking divorce.

I had to be there because I have to pay the lawyer who will attend to my brother's case. Of course, my brother will have to pay me back in installment. I hope his boss will deduct it from his salary. Otherwise I will never get back my money, knowing my brother.

Anyway, my brother does not want to divorce his wife. He still wants to keep the family together, because he has his only daughter to think of. His three sons are all grown up and working. His only daughter will be sitting for her PMR this year, and he was worried that this divorce case will affect his daughter psychologically.

Even after I spoke to his wife to withdraw the divorce case, she refused. She was adamant to continue seeking divorce. I pity my brother.

Anyway, besides my brother's case, there were other cases being trialed in the court room. Most are similar. Divorce, divorce, divorce. Young couples, old couples.... The main reason was, no happiness in marriage, cannot get along, finances, sex!!

I only knew today, that a husband can grant divorce to the wife without her attendance. And that the court can grant the wife divorce even without the husband's attendance.

Ethics in the court room:- cannot sit cross-legged. No talking, whispering. One may have to wait more than an hour to get one's case being heard. So how did I spent my time in the court room??? Luckily got Wifi.... So... i log on to FB...

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