Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My handsome pen-pal (Part 4)

My daughter, Sofiyah really really wants me to continue my story of how I met her father. Heheeee.

Well, where were we?? Oh yeah! In the bus, Nasiah was sitting infront of us. The journey took almost an hour. We were chatting the whole way. Then, when we arrived in Port Dickson town, the three of us had breakfast at this Indian Restaurant. We had roti canai and nasi lemak.

Then we had to take another bus to 8th Mile, Port Dickson, also known as Telok Kemang. It is a public beach. Being a Sunday, there was quite a crowd. From the bus-stop, we walked to the beach, and suddenly we bumped into Nasiah's friends. Nasiah of course, took the opportunity to leave me and my husband alone. How sporting!!!

So.... husband and I walked and chatted, and walked and chatted... till we came to this hill. Then, we climbed this hill where at the top was this light-house. Being adventurous, we came down the other side of the hill. We had to go through this mini jungle to reach the other side.

The beach here was quite deserted except for a family or two, picnicking on the sandy beach. We walked along the beach and finally rested in front of this huge bungalow (where many years later, when we had our children, we stayed in that bungalow during our vacation).

All this while, my husband was using his Johnson shoes!! Then, on our way back to the main road, and was looking for the bus-stop, I noticed row and row of trees by the roadside. I asked him, "hey, what trees are these??". He was laughing at me and said, "Why don't you look from the top and follow the trunk to the bottom of the tree???" Then when I saw the tiny cups tied around the trunk, I realised it was rubber trees!!!! What the.... Aiyo!! So... malu.

Then I noticed he was walking slowly and almost limping. Ah ha!! He was getting blisters on his heels!! Poor thing!! But then, lucky for him, we came to a grocery shop along the road. He then bought a pair of Japanese slippers! He removed his shoes and socks and stuff it into his shoulder bag, and wore the slippers!! I could see the relived on his face. No more agony!! Hahhaaha..

Then, when we reached 8th mile, we were looking for Nasiah and her friends. But then, the beach was deserted. Then I looked at my watch, it had stopped. Those days, we had to rewind our watches. My husband was not wearing any. When we asked a stranger the time, it was almost seven o'clock. I panicked, but then... (sorry Sofiyah, you have to view my next post!)

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Sari Yusa Ibrahim said...

hah..ha.. dah bleh jadi drama bersiri ni..

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