Sunday, June 5, 2016

First Night Teraweeh

This morning after having breakfast with hubby at the nasi lemak stall Sg Kantan, I decided to cook chicken rendang for our dinner tonight.  So I called bro Azmi to deliver seven kilos of fresh santan. 

For my chicken rendang I use one kilo of fresh santan for one whole chicken.  Since I was cooking five whole kampung chicken I need to use five kilos fresh santan. That was the ratio my mak taught me for that extra oomph!

Well....if there is rendang chicken there should also be ketupats. And if there are ketupats...there should also be my all time favourite kuah kacang. though preparing for Eid Mubarak. laling helped to pound the fried groundnuts whilst I cooked the chicken rendang.  He preferred pounded groundnuts than blended ones.

As for the ketupats....I use the Faiza mini instant ketupats.

Well well.....hubby and our children could not wait for dinner so they ate the cooked chicken rendang, ketupats and kuah kacang during tea time....😆😊

Since kak long, kak ngah and Badruzzaman were at their in-laws to welcome Ramadan, I packed all the dishes for them in plastic containers (can be recycled).

So it was confirmed that fasting begins tomorrow. So tonight solat Teraweeh will begin.

After our solat Maghrib we went to Masjid Uniten for solat Eshaq and Teraweeh.  I wore the telekung which Badruzzaman and Maisara bought for me in Bali.  Cool.......😚😚😚

During Teraweeh I felt thirsty but I did not drink the warm water which I brought along. Then after Teraweeh I bumped into Dr Azlina, her sister Dr Aznida and their mom Cegu Zaitun.  Dr Aznida said her mom was thirsty and they forgot to bring drinking water for her.  So I offered Cegu Zaitun my drinking water and told her I have not drank it yet.  Its Allah's will that the water I brought along was meant for Cegu Zaitun. Subhanallah.

From the Masjid after Teraweeh, Wahiduzzaman then drove us to Badruzzaman's flat to deliver the dishes I cooked.  Alhamdullillah I got to drink chilled fruit juice and also chicken wrap prepared by my daughter-in-law Maisara.

We finally reached home around eleven pm.

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