Sunday, January 3, 2016

Refresh..December 2015.. Continued

Our room at Al Marwa Rayhaan in Mecca. Alhamdullillah.  We arrived in Mecca after an eight hour bus ride from Madinah. That was Thursday December 10.

(Our hotel room)

(getting ready to do Umrah at Haram)

(view of Haram from the hotel's dining hall)

(King Abdul Aziz gate being renovated)

 (Our hotel is inside this mall)

(At Jabal Rahmah)

 (this Haji was video-ing the surrounding atop that huge boulder)

 (this couple climbed to take a wefie)

 (nice decorative food trucks)

 (I took this photo from the bus window)

 (from a moving bus)


 (a gift from my Pakistani friend.  Met her at Hotel Mecca in 2003.  Her sister who lives in Jeddah gave it to me)

 (Note the "Kaabah Door" in the background and my handsome hubby in the foreground)

 (view from the hotel dining hall)

 (the dining hall)

 (Night view)

 (Sofiyah reading the Noble Quran)

 (view from our hotel room 302)

 (She has a beautiful smile)

 (Sofiyah sandwiched between two ladies)

 (this baby was watching Sofiyah all the time....)

(at Jabal Thur/Jabal Nur)

(wefie at above venue)

(getting ready for our second Umrah)


 (Hubby met his exworker Indah)

 (and also Shidee aka Moyonk)

(me with my Pakistani friend's sister)

 (the huge clock tower could be seen on our way to Jeddah)

 (hubby with our luggage at Terminal Hajj)

 (our last day in Jeddah)

 (the Hajj Terminal)

 (this lady carried her luggage on her head)

 (our dinner when our plane were delayed)

(MH 8001 Wednesday December 16)
(Alhamdullilah...landed safely)

 (at KLIA Arrival hall)

 (Sofiyah pushing her trolley)

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