Saturday, November 21, 2015

Supermums Gather-gather..

We finally made it!! After putting off our gather-gather numerous times....this time we did it although minus two supermums.

In our Supermums group, our Chief is Datin Aini.  Members are Datin Yun, Yati, Aiziah, Salmah, Norehan and I. 

When Datin Aini suggested that we have the gather-gather at Rumah Liza, we all agreed.  But then when the date was decided upon, two of our Supermums could not make it, Salmah and Norehan. We decided to proceed because it was long overdue.

So since my Mercs was still in the workshop, I followed my son Badruzzaman and daughter-in-law to Rumah Liza in the afternoon.

When we reached Rumah Liza, our farmhand Baha had already prepared the house for Supermums Gather-gather. 

Whilst waiting for Supermums' arrival, I began preparing the lamb and chicken wings for our BBQ nite.  It was easy....just marinate with Heinz BBQ sauce.

When Supermums finally arrived, they came in two cars, I welcomed then with open arms. 

We then wore our batik sarongs and had fun posing when our pictures were shot.  Our camerawoman was Sofiyah.  We only use our camera phones.....iPhone and Samsung.

Then after solat Maghrib we began our BBQ.  It was fun starting the charcoal and then grilling the lamb and chicken wings.

There were laughter and teasing each other the whole night.  We finally slept just after midnight.  Alhamdullillah.

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