Saturday, September 5, 2015

Two Weddings.....again

After breakfast with laling I called my bff Hasmah to enquure whether she would like to join me and my children to attend our ex office mate Jrawi Ibrahim son's wedding.  Hasmah agreed to join us.  So while waiting for her to arrive at our abode I did my ironing.
When she arrived around noon we all got into my car and my son Wahid drove us to Taman Sepakat Indah, the wedding venue.   It took us an hour and a half to reach there because of traffic jam!
Jrawi and his wife welcomed us.  Its been more than thirty two years since we last met at my wedding.  Alamak!! I forgot to take a picture with Jrawi.  Waddaaa.....
Anyway...Wahid then drove us to Setia Alam for another wedding.  This time it was Ummi Aishah son's wedding.  Ummi Aishah was my childrens' kindergarten teacher.  When we arrived at the venue there were only a handful of guests.  We were the last few guests to arrive. We apologised to Ummi Aishah for our late coming.  She said it did not matter as.long as we made it.  Alhamdullillah.
We finally reached home at 6pm. Hasmah gave me a big hug before she left for home in her brand new car.  Hasmah and I have been friends for over thirty two years now.  She is from Kelantan, have three children and two cucus.  A third cucu is due in December, In shaa Allah.

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