Sunday, July 19, 2015

First Raya Visitor @Rumah Liza

Hubby left for Tanjong Malim after solat Fajr.  I then did the laundry and had my bath at our outdoor open air shower bathroom.... Showering under the blue sky and can also watch the mangosteen, durian and coconut trees above. Also......spotted a squirrel watching me....never mind lah.....

Then when Wahid woke up we borrowed the scooter from our farmhands and rode to the mini market in Pedas town.  I bought groceries and also Tenggiri and cucumber....all that was left at the wet mini mart.

For lunch I cooked tenggiri masak lemak cili api with the belimbing buluh plucked from our belimbing tree at Rumah Liza, goring ikan masin sepat, omelette and sliced cucumber.  Oh yaa......sambal gesek ikan bilis too. Yum yum yummy....

I was cooking pengat durian when brother Burn arrived.  He brought along 30 tubs of fresh tempoyaks which we bought from him.  Wahid then stored it in our freezer. 

Bro Burn then had Gardenia bread dip into the pengat durian with Wahid and me.  Sofiyah was watching TV whilst Khairul was having a nap.  Hubby was still in Tanjung Malim.

After bro Burn left I set the table for hubby's dinner.  Alhamdullillah hubby arrived just before Maghrib. 

Then after we solat Eshaq berjamaah.....we went to our sister-in-law's (kak Hj Faridah) abode for our Raya visit.  Her only daughter Liyana and family were also there.  kak Faridah gave us dodol and wajik durian which she and her children cooked when we left her abode.  Alhamdullillah.

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