Saturday, June 20, 2015

Ramadan Day Three

This morning I followed dear hubby to Pedas since there was no Tadarrus with my group at Masjid Kajang.  Imam Fazry said our Tadarrus will continue Monday In shaa Allah.

When we reached Pedas we went to Rumah Liza, our homestay.  The contractor was absent so I took the opportunity to shoot some more pictures of the bathroom being built. 

After solat zuhur I continued reciting the noble Quran and cpmpleted Juzuk Six. Alhamdullillah.

Hubby and I returned to Kajang at 3pm and stopped at the kueh-mueh stall near the Jalan Jelebu junction at Ampangan.  At this stall all the kuehs cost RM1 for three pieces.  Its not only cheap but delicious too. I love its kueh kochi and pulut panggang. 

Since hubby and Badruzzaman would not be breaking fast at home, I bought three packets of nasi kerabu.  Nasi Kerabu here in Ampangan?  Well, the young lady selling the nasi kerabu is Kelantanese. 

After asar hubby left for Taman Tun to break fast with his office colleagues.  Since there was still time before Iftar, I cooked fried mee hoon for our at-home Moreh.😆

So for iftar there was Wahid, Sofiyah and me......❤❤❤

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