Sunday, June 21, 2015

Ramadan - Day Four

Wahid, Sofiyah and I travelled to Seremban via LEKAS after our solat zuhur.  We wanted to break fast at my parent's abode.  Hubby would meet us there since he was at our farm in Pedas since this morning. 

Since it was almost 4pm when we reached Seremban, I decided to drop by at the Bazar Ramadan at Paroi Stadium to buy food for iftar.

Only a few stalls were open for business.  Wahid met his friend who was selling Nasi Beriani Gam and kambing golek too. His friend was still getting ready to open his beriani stall.

So we bought grilled fish, otak-otak, sambal tumis udang, pacri nenas, daging salai, rendang kerang and mutton curry. Many varieties but small quantities....only one senduk for each lauk.

Then we bought soya bean milk from Daud Soya behind the Kompleks Belia Paroi.

When we finally reached our destination we were welcomed by my younger brother Zulkifly. Abah was sitting in his favourite chair listening to his transistor radio.  Mak was watching television. I gave them both big hugs and kisses too. Missed them both so much.

Abah then requested for Rojak Singapore.  So I walked to the nearby stall and bought the rojak.  Rojak Singapore is almost similar to the Penang Pesambur.

Sofiyah then helped me to prepare the table for iftar.  Hubby finally arrived.  Then we had iftar when we heard the azan maghrib from the surau nearby.  Here in Seremban, Maghrib is five minutes earlier than in Kajang.

After solat maghrib my brother Zul went home.  He wanted to do solat Teraweeh at his village masjid.  Hubby, Wahid, Sofiyah and I had our solat Teraweeh at the surau nearby. 

Here in Negeri Sembilan, solat Teraweeh is ten rakaats with five salams whilst solat Witir is three rakaats with two salam. Alhamdullillah.

We all return to Kajang after Teraweeh.  Sofiyah with hubby whilst Wahid with me.  I felt sad after saying goodbye to abah and mak. 

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