Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Papaya Leaves Traditional Remedy

This morning after sending Sofiyah to school and doing the laundry and minimal house chores I went to Masjid Kajang for my Quranic class.  Badruzzaman who slept at the hospital taking care of hubby went to work after his breakfast of milk and cereal.

I had to attend class because after class Imam Fazry together with my classmates will dua for my umrah trip with hubby and Sofiyah on Friday. But then hubby had dengue fever so we may have to postpone our journey.

So when I told Imam Fazry and my classmates about hubby's hospitalisation we all prayed that hubby have a speedy recovery so that we could make our umrah journey In shaa Allah.

I then distributed packages of roti jala and chicken curry ordered from my classmate Chef Hajah Azizah to Imam Fazry and the rest of my classmates.

Then one of my classmates offered to take me to her kebun sayur to pluck papaya leaves.  So I followed her home after class.  Her husband plucked for me the papaya leaves.  I thanked them both very much.

I then drove home and washed the papaya leaves and put it in the blender, add warm water and switched on the blender. OMG the blender's blade was not locked properly and the papaya juice splashed all over the kitchen table top, wall and floor. It was a mess....horrible.  But I was in a hurry so I left the mess behind for cleaning later.

I then drove to the hospital and use valet parking so that easy for me when time to pick up Sofiyah from school.

Hubby was asleep when I reached his room.  So while waiting for him to wake up I read the Harian Metro tabloid which was foc from the hospital.

When hubby awoke I gave him the papaya leaves juice.  Well well well......hubby drank it all.  Alhamdullilah.

But then when Kak Ngah came during her lunch time she brought along two bottles of papaya leaves juice which her colleague gave her for dear hubby.  When hubby drank it he said "Sedap air ni". So that means the blended papaya leaves juice "tak sedap lah".  Heheehe...

In the afternoon hubby's private secretary Ms Shareen came with a rep from HR and Welfare Club.  I was fetching Sofiyah from school when Ms Shareen rang me and informed me she already arrived at the hospital to visit hubby.

Later in the afternoon hubby's staff all the way from Tanjong Malim came to visit him too.  

Then Dr Vincent Wong Chun-Wei who attended to hubby came to check up on hubby.  When the doctor left Sofiyah kept on repeating how handsome the doctor was.  So.....when we bumped into the doctor near the elevator Sofiyah asked the doctor whether she could take a picture with him  Dr Vincent was very obliging.  Thank you Dr Vincent for making my daughter happy.

I returned home with Sofiyah whilst Badruzzaman stayed with hubby for the night.

(Sofiyah with Dr Vincent Wong Chun-Wei (Consultant Physician and Nephrologist))

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