Saturday, June 15, 2013

King Abdul Aziz gate at Haram

(King Abdul Aziz gate (Gate 1))

When hubby and I did our umrah on the 4th day in Mecca, we entered via Umrah Gate.  It was quite deserted via this entrance.  So, we left our shoes at one of the pigeon holes at the shoe rack.  

After tawaf and saie, solat sunat tawaf, we decided to return to the hotel to rest, and prepare for zuhur.  So, we return to the Umrah Gate, and since the only way we knew to return to the hotel was to follow the walls along the huge Haram until we reach Gate 1 (King Abdul Aziz gate).  

It was just outside Umrah Gate when hubby wanted to donate to a cleaner who was from Indonesia.  He was so grateful.  Then he asked us where we wanted to go.  When we told him we wanted to return to Gate 1 since it was near our hotel, he grinned and told us to follow the tiny door next to Umrah Gate.  He said, if you follow this corridor, it will take you straight to King Abdul Aziz gate.  

So we did follow his advice.  We were so surprised when we reached the end of the corridor, it was Gate 94, we were next to Gate 1 (King Abdul Aziz gate).  Thus, there are 94 gates at Haram??

When we walked along the corridor, it was air-conditioned all the way.  There are women's prayer hall too (air-conditioned), comfortable, but no view of the Kaabah.  Too far away.  So, if you want prayer hall with air-con, please enter Gate 94.

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