Saturday, June 15, 2013

View from the Women's prayer area near Kaabah

(took this pic sitting cross-legged)

(took this picture on my knees)

It was after asar prayers, and I was praying on the upper level, that I decided to go to the area near the Kaabah.  Since Haram was being renovated, the space meant for women only was greatly reduced. I managed to get a space on the first saf in front of the book rack where copies of the Holy Quran were put for the pilgrims to read.

The area was not carpeted either, so I use the prayer mat which I brought along and shared it with a sister from Nigeria.  We sat on it whilst reading the Quran. Just before Maghrib, she asked me whether I could look after her handbag and her other stuff while she get a large bottle of zam zam water.  I readily obliged.

Looking after her handbag and stuff were easy, but, saving her space next to me was difficult.  Each time a pilgrim asked me to sit next to me since the space was vacant, I had to inform them that the space was already taken.  Yet, I somehow managed to let them sit, though a tight squeeze, when we stood up to begin our prayers, there was enough space for all of us.  Allahuakbar.

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