Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Farmers' Market

I went with Sofiyah to the farmers' market (pasar tani) at Prima Saujana around 5.30pm today. It was such a hot day, that we waited in the car while waiting for the fishmonger to open his stall. In fact there were not many stalls today, unlike on Saturday mornings, where there was plenty of stalls selling all kinds of products.

When the fishmonger opened his stall, there were few varieties of fresh fishes to choose from. I bought 2 kg of large prawns and 2 kg of crabs. Then to the vegetables stall. Here I bought tomatoes, french beans, pucuk ubi, pucuk manis, pumpkin and red and green chillies. I brought my own shopping bags, so the farmers need not use their plastic bags to put what I have bought.

Sofiyah wanted to buy smoothies, so I bought for her a small cup of chocolate smoothies, whilst I bought a small cup of fresh kiwis smoothies. It was very soothing on such a hot afternoon. The stall selling the smoothies was very clean. It was manned by three ladies, two wearing the purdah.

I also bought stuffed fried tofu. Four pieces for RM2 plus chilli sauce. Quite dear. But then..... tofu is my weakness, so I bought it. When I ate it at home.... it was so tasteless!! Not nice at all!!!
I can cook it better... But then...

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