Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bukit Jalil Golf n Country Club

I took Sofiyah and four of my neighbour's children to BJGCC after zohor prayers today. I have not been to the club for more than a year, so there were quite a few changes within the club itself.

I collected my new membership card at the office. Then off to the pool. The children had a great time, bathing and playing water polo. Also the slide at the kiddies pool. Since there was free wifi around the pool area, I of course, surf the internet. Also, what else then, to log on to FB. Having free wifi is new here. When we first came to the club years ago, there was no wifi.

Anyway, when it was time for asar prayers, I was surprised to find that the ladies prayer room was moved to the area around the workers' wing. But then, it was vast, compared to the previous prayer room where the ladies had to share with the men.

After I had my prayers, I returned to the pool, and found the children still enjoying themselves. So I told them I would give them another hour and then shower and have their asar prayers before returning home.

While waiting for them, I surf the net. Then read the Quran. I could see the children were really having fun. Wished I could join them too. But I was afraid to tire myself, since I have tai chi practice later tonight.

The children left the pool and ate fried mee hun which Faizin's mum cooked. They cleaned out the bowl in a jiffy. Must be pretty hungry, those kids. Anyway, they then had their shower and also their asar prayers. We then head for home. In the car, all the girls were dozing except for Man. He was still energetic. Boys being boys.... Well, at least I had company during the long drive home.

When I reached home, after sending the children to their respective homes, my darling husband was already at home. He was raking the lawn of dried fallen leaves.... But then,

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