Sunday, April 8, 2018

My 1st Half Marathon at SCKLM2018

 Wahiduzzaman drove me to Dataran Merdeka at 4.15am this morning, He dropped me at Bangunan Chahaya Suria since the road to DM were closed to all traffic.  So I walked to DM and, when I passed the Masjid Jamek LRT station, I went to the ladies washroom to have my ablution.  Wow...there were runners everywhere.  I felt so nervous that my tummy began to ache and also felt like going to the toilet too.

Then when I reached the junction to DM, I did my warm up routine.  It was already 5.10am.  So I walked to Pen 5 where I will wait with other runners here until the runners from Pen 1 to 4 began their run.  It was sharp at 5.30am that the HM runners began their run.  There were more than 11000 HM runners (me included), so it took me almost ten minutes to reach the Start line. A few steps before crossing the timing platform, I switched on my Garmin Forerunner 35.

Then, as I was passing Pertama Complex, I heard the Fajr Azan over my mobile.  Alhamdulillah, I did my solat Fajr at the Dang Wangi Police Station Masjid with the other runners who also did their Fajr prayer there.  Since I still have my wudhuk, I did my solat Fajr along the Masjid corridor with other female runners.  I brought along my telekung top which I stored in my brand new Salomon Skin Pro 10 Set Backpack which I bought via Lazada.

I then continued my run after solat Fajr.  The video below was my HM route from Start to Finish. Thank you Relive

The route was easy, I maintained my pace, until I reached the flyover after HKL.  Boy, was I glad to see so many runners ahead of me and that I could still run and smile too....hahahahaaa.....

I was wondering what happen to my son-in-law.  Perhaps he was way ahead of me, because he too ran HM this time, but not his first though.  Bravo SIL.  I kept on running and never look back.  I did not want to look back, because I would get frustrated if there were no other runners behind me.

Then when I was at 15Km, I thought I heard some one calling me.  I brushed it off, because I kept telling myself, another 6Km Norli, you can do it. You have done 15km Trail Run last month, much tougher than this, so what is another 6Km to Finish. You can do it Norli. Yes I can, In shaa Allah.

Suddenly I felt someone patting my shoulder, when I turn around, it was my SIL.  I was so happy to see him.  I was surprised too that he was behind me all this while. Hehehee.....   SIL told me he had leg cramps at 11Km when he forced himself to continue running, he was hurt bad, so he began walking.  Whenever the pain subsided, he continued running again, slowly. So we ran slowly together.

I was at 18Km when I felt pain on my right shank.  When I informed my SIL, he told me not to stop running completely, but to continue running slowly (I was already running slowly lah SIL, hehehe...).  I followed his advice and the pain disappeared.  But it came back now and then, and it was hurting me, so I slowed down, even though I was already running so slowly.  Hahahaa.....

I was relieved when I reached 20Km, just another 1km to Finish.  It was the longest 1km for me.  I had drank all 1.5L bladder and I was so thirsty again. There were no more water station so when I saw a Finished runner cheering by the roadside, I asked him whether he could let me have his bottled mineral water.  He gladly gave me his.  Thank you so much bro.

My SIL was with me until the Finish line.  He kept encouraging me not to give up and when I was about to reach Finish, he ran ahead of me and waited for me at Finish to take a picture of me.  Thank you soooo much dear SIL.

Alhamdulillah, I Finished my first HM, but I exceeded COT (Cut Off Time: 3.30Hrs). When SIL and I were queing for our medal and goody bag at the Finishers tent, we were told that all HM medals were out of stock,  We have to leave our bibs with the volunteer-in-charge and that our medals will be sent by Poslaju.  Well, this was my official result:

My SIL then took me to the runners tent and I waited for hubby and Sofiyah there.  Hubby and Sofiyah took part in the 5Km Fun Run and they Finished their run too.  Alhamdulillah.  They also got their medals. Congratulations hubby and Sofiyah.

 (me with the borrowed medal)

 (me with my KPJ Kajang Physiotherapist running buddy Nurul Ain Zubir, she too ran HM)

 (Hubby with Sofiyah before their run)

 (showing off their medals after they Finished)

(my dear hubby before the run)

 (me (top) and Sofiyah (bottom) waiting for hubby to pick us up at Jln TAR after the run)

Photo Credits: Scklm2018, Mohd Aminuddin (SIL), Sofiyah

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