Monday, March 19, 2018

Hulu Langat Trail Run 2018

My first trail running was yesterday morning (Sunday 18 March 2018) the Hulu Langat Trail Run 2018.  Alhamdulillah I Finished the run, Veteran 15km in three hours plus 😁.  Thank you Are Charp for encouraging aunty to run trail. It was tough all the way but aunty Finished and look forward to running trail in the future, In shaa Allah. 

Sofiyah drove me to IKBN Dusun Tua, where the venue for the trail run begins and ends, at 5.30am.  We had our solat Fajr at the Masjid within the campus.

Then I did warm up  and joined the other runners for the Aerobic session before the race starts at 7.30am.

I stood way behind the other runners because, being a slow runner, I did not want to be in the way when the race begins.  Let the elite runners be at the front. 😊

We had to run about one and a half kilometre via the village road before we entered the actual trail, running through mini jungle, rubber plantation, fish farm, vegetable farm, fruit orchards, villages and finally a river crossing.

I was full of excitement when running along the winding trail, sometimes muddy sometimes covered with dried leaves, and it was fun stepping on the mud using my brand new Salomon Speedcross4.  My Salomon got dirty allright! 😅

But then....O Emmm Geee...I came across the first hill, it was steep and I could not see the top. If this was tough, wait till the next hill and the next and the next. So many hills to ascend.  Each different from the other. But then, I was prepared to tackle the ascend, after learning from another Youtube video about ascending hills. I did not run uphill (sure pancit) instead I Power Hike (like in the video) and it really helps with my ascending.  When I did that, there was this lady runner who asked me whether I had knee pain. 😎 So I told her, no lah, I learnt this method via Youtube. 😁

It was pretty lonely when I was way behind the other runners, but I got to enjoy the peace and quiet, the fresh air all to myself. Alhamdullillah. The marshalls along the route were very encouraging.  They kept motivating me, not to give up, and their favourite verse..."sikit lagi kak...dah nak sampai dah...." If only they knew I am no 'kakak', but a Nenek with four grandkids...hahahaa.....

It was at 9Km when we cross path with the 10 km runners. And I was no longer alone...hahahaa.... Still there was another six kilometres for me to Finish, In shaa Allah.

We had to cross the river before finishing the last one kilometre.  I had to join the 10km runners at this point because the Marshall directed me to do so.  They did not allow me to follow the route for the 15km runners.  I guess I was one of the few remaining 15km runners who had to follow this route too. Pehaps the abam Bomba manning the river crossing for the 15km route had already left the site. Hehehe.... And for safety reasons, we the slow runners have to cross the river with the 10km runners.

It was cold when I stepped into the river.  It was also reaching my thighs. If the water goes higher than that I need to remove my handphone and tuck it in my sports bra. Hahahaa......

It was also difficult to keep my balance, since I have to walk on uneven rocks at the river bottom. But, Alhamdulillah, there were willing hands for me to hang on to while crossing the river.  Thank you to the girl runner who helped me cross the river. Also to the abam bomba and other volunteers when I reached the other side.

Alhamdulillah I Finished the run in three hours, as recorded by my Garmin Forerunner 35.  At Sixty and I did my first Trail Run. I also look forward for more trail run.  Fraser Hill run perhaps? Got to ask laling permission first.  🤔😎

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