Thursday, February 1, 2018

Nephew's Wedding at Felda Jengka Lapan

Laling and I began our journey to Felda Jengka Lapan after our breakfast at our favourite nasi lemak stall near our abode.  The sambal sotong at this stall is so tasty that we kept coming back for more.

After breakfast we began our journey via MRR2 towards Gombak toll  and then via Karak Highway.  Traffic was smooth all the way and we stopped at R & R Jerantut for toilet break. Hubby went to the toilet whilst I check out the food stalls at the R & R. 

I wanted to buy buah berangan, but not cooked yet according to the chef manning the stall.  He said have to wait approx twenty minutes.  Alas, we cannot wait lah chef.

So I returned to our car and waited for hubby.  What a lovely surprise when hubby bought for me my favourite jagung manis [corn in cup]. Thank you laling..

We finally exited at Chenor Toll plaza and took right towards Felda Jengka Lapan.  When we arrived at the Masjid, it was half past twelve and there was nobody around.  So hubby decided to drive to Jerantut town which is about twenty one kilometre from the junction to our hotel Felda Residence.

During our journey to Jerantut, I noticed the signboard which states Taman Negara Kuala Tahan only fifty five kilometres from Jerantut.  Deep inside me I wish hubby would take me to Taman Negara.

Anyway after driving around Jerantut, especially at its Railway Station where hubby said he once arrived there from Shah Alam during his uni days, when he joined Tabligh. Dato'Faizul Kamaruddin followed him too.

We then drove to our hotel to register our attendance and to check in after our nephew's wedding.  So we drove back to the Masjid at Felda Jengka Lapan from the hotel.  We missed the turn to the Masjid and made a Uturn after driving for more than thirty minutes when we realised we were lost. Thus Google map to the rescue.

Then we received via watsapp from our nephew Boy [the groom's eldest brother] that the venue for the wedding will be held at the bride's house instead. So when we arrived at the Masjid, we had our solat and after solat we proceeded to the bride's abode.  The merisik and bertunang ceremony were over. The groom and his entourage had returned to their homestay whilst waiting for the Nikah ceremony.

Luckily Boy and his younger sister and husband were around to welcome us.  We then had our lunch of Gulai tempoyak ikan patin.  It was delicious. After we had our lunch we went to the homestay nearby to rest and wait for the Nikah ceremony which will be held after Asar.

It was raining when all of us proceeded to the bride's house.  Alhamdullilah the ceremony went smoothly and our nephew Firdaus is now married to Fatimah, a teacher from Batu Pahat. According to Boy, the wedding reception will be held in March, In shaa Allah.

Hubby and I then drove to our Hotel and arrived just before Maghrib.  We had our bath and then went to the Masjid within the Felda complex to solat Maghrib and Eshaq.  After our prayers we went to the Garden Cafe for our dinner. 

When we returned to our room, the aircon was not working.  So we changed room, from room four to room six. Tired and exhausted, we finally slept. Me dreaming of Taman Negara.....

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