Sunday, January 28, 2018

SCKLM 2018 Running Clinic

I woke up when the alarm rang at 5.30 this morning.  After my bath and solat Fajr I drove to Bukit Jalil Park which took me about ten minutes to reach the car park C opposite the AFC. But I did not park my car at the parking lot, instead I parked by the roadside at the entrance.  I was not the only one who parked there. 😁

I then walked to the venue where the Scklm 2018 Running Clinic near the parking lot.  I then registered at the runners counter and was given a running bib with a timer chip.  I was told there were about three hundred fifty registered runners for this first RC for Scklm 2018 runners.

In shaa Allah I will be running my first HM this year in April. Thus one of the reasons I joined this RC. Hubby and Sofiyah will also be running the 5K this year.

I then joined the other runners who were listening to coach Mr Mark Williams who gave advice on running tips and then the warm up session and we were ready to begin our run.

Since I will be running the HM I have to complete five loops in ninety minutes. One loop is about 2.7km. Therefore I have to run 13.5km within ninety minutes!  I took longer than that...much much much longer....sigh....

Anyway, perhaps my bad timing was because I hardly trained.  My last run was January 6 where I ran 12km  (Garmin recorded 13km) in the MAKNA Engineers Run at Uniten where I Finished last! That also without any training.  Boo!!!

By the time I reached Finish they were removing the timing block, so no record of me finishing the run. 😔

I also missed the cooling down session (so I did cooling down my way...) BUT I got the chance to speak to coach Mr Mark Williams himself and seek his expertise the proper way to run. Thank you coach.

After returning my running bib I approached a runner to take my pictures at the photo booth who willingly obliged. Thank you bro.

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