Saturday, January 27, 2018

Bukit Jalil Park

Since I have already registered the SCKLM 2018 running clinic  I decided to drive to Bukit Jalil Park after meeting CPB at Bangi Toll Plaza to collect the acar buah I bought from her.  CPB's acar buah is so delicious. 

I followed PLUS highway and after the Sungei Besi Toll Plaza I missed the turn into Kesas Highway and found myself driving into KL. Thus I had to Uturn just after the Sungei Besi Military Airport and drove into PLUS again.  Traffic was  heavy and via Google map, my journey would take twenty minutes to reach BJP.

I felt relieved when I saw the stadium and everything looks familiar, until I arrived at the traffic light.  When the light turned green I took right and drove downhill and kept to the right lane so that I could turn right again which will lead me to BJP. But...too late, there was no right turn at the junction, instead I have to keep left and then turn right beneath the flyover.  O em geee.....thus I missed the turn to BJP.

So I had to continue driving, looking for a Uturn.  I missed another Uturn at Bandar Kinrara.  I was unfamiliar with this highway and kept on driving until I reached the Puchong roundabout and made the Uturn there. Thus took me another fifteen minutes to reach BJP.

I finally found my way to the park and drove right up to the car park C and found a parking lot.  Alhamdulillah. 

The venue for the RC could be seen from where I parked my car.  I took a few pictures after having a chat with a family of three who were regulars at BJP.  It began to drizzle and I returned to my car for my drive home.

Since I missed my grand-daughter, I visited her at her abode.  I also had my solat Asr there.  After giving her big hugs and kisses I drove home just before maghrib.

Got to sleep early tonight. 😴😴😴

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