Sunday, September 24, 2017

Saturday 23 September - Zalikha's Wedding

Sofiyah and I attended Datin Aini's daughter, Zalikha's wedding reception at DePalma Hotel Ampang.  Ika is also Kak Ngah's housemate when they were studying at Curtin University Perth.  Kak Ngah and her husband fetched Sofiyah and I at our abode after solat Maghrib.  Kak Ngah is now seven months pregnant.  Alhamdulillah.

When we arrived at the hotel, it was hilarious when KNgah forgot to put on her shoes and was wearing her furry bedroom slippers instead.  Luckily Sofiyah noticed and we had a good laugh. Since her husband had not parked the car yet, he made a U-turn and KNgah returned to the car to put on her shoes. Hahaaaha....

We were then ushered to our table where our dear friends Norehan and her daughter Maria, Datin Yurniaty and her husband Dato' Nordin were already seated. Kak Ngah and her husband were seated with Ika's buddies from Curtin University too. 

Dinner started late because we were waiting for the VIP's arrival.  When they finally arrived, it was our MB Selangor with his wife Datin Seri Samsidar.  I met Datin Seri when I attended the Quran Intensive course at Masjid Wilayah two years ago. 

After dinner, when the VIPs and guests began to leave the hall, I took the opportunity to approach Datin Seri and took a picture with her.  Sofiyah took the picture. 

It was almost midnight when we returned home.

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