Saturday, September 30, 2017

MAKNA Founder's Night Run 2017

Eventhough I decided not to run the 12km route, I brought along my knee guards and my running bib too.  I thought I would just shoot photos of the event since I brought along my Canon IOS. 

But then, when I saw the other runners waiting at the Start line, I decided there and then to run too.  I quickly wore my knee guards, pinned my running bib and rushed to the 12km runners paddock.  I did my warm ups and I was ready to run. 

But of course, I could not run with my heavy backpack (camera inside), so I ran towards my Mercs and quickly shoved the backpack into my car booth. I then continued my run.  It was funny when the Marshall on the motorbike asked me whether I was continuing my run or quitting. Ha Ha Ha!!

It was tough for me this time, the main reason was I did not do any training.  By the time I reached 10km I was so exhausted that I felt like giving up.  I thought I was the last runner.  But glancing around, I saw about a dozen runners behind me.  The final 2km was so torturing that I just brisked walk.  But then, when the volunteers cheered me on and encouraged me not to give up, I pushed myself to Finish. Alhamdulillah I Finished the run.

Nurul Ain was waiting for me at the Finish line.  She was worried about me.   Being a physiotherapist (lucky me) she helped massaged my legs and helped me cool down.  Alhamdulillah.

Ain took photos of me with Mr Vem of MAKNA and also Traxx deejay Mr Kong Eu at the tent where the price giving ceremony was held.

Well, this is my last run for this year.  In shaa Allah will do other runs next year.

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