Wednesday, August 16, 2017

It Rained in Madinah

I was in the Masjid waiting for solat Asr when I heard thunder and suddenly all lights were switched on because it suddenly became dark in the Masjid. 

Then when I saw some women pilgrims looking for a space to solat with their wet hijab, I realised it could be raining outside.

Even during solat Asr I could still hear thunder.

So when I left the Masjid at Gate 25, it was indeed raining. Mashallah, this was the first time I felt rain in Madinah.  When I did my previous Hajj and Umrahs, there was hardly any rain in Madinah.

Those without umbrellas, me included, just kept walking in the rain to our hotel.   There were strong winds too. But alas, the rain lasted less than five minutes. But still, it was an amazing experience. Alhamdullillah.

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