Monday, August 7, 2017

35th Wedding Anniversary

This morning l drove to Seremban to meet my parents before I leave for my Hajj pilgrimage. Hubby joined me later in the evening.

When I asked Mak and Abah what they would like to eat for dinner. Mak replied Satay. Abah agreed. 😊

So I drove to Taipan Senawang and bought Satay at Hj Samuri Satay Restaurant.

Mak loves to eat Satay so everytime I visit them I will buy Satay for them.

After solat eshaq, hubby and I returned to Kajang. We seek forgiveness and blessings from both Mak and Abah. When I hug and kiss Mak and Abah, tears flowed.

Mak and Abah I am going to miss you. I pray that both of you will be in good health with Allah's blessing until I return from Hajj. I love you both till Jannah. 😚😚😚

Today is also hubby and I 35th Wedding Anniversary. Alhamdullillah. We are unable to celebrate our wedding anniversary here, but In shaa Allah we could celebrate when we are in Madinah.

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