Sunday, May 21, 2017

SCKLM 2017 #runnorlirun

This morning after solat Fajr, kak ngah and her hubby, Aminuddin fetched Sofiyah and me for our journey to Sogo Jalan TAR, the Starting line for my 10km Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2017..🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃

We arrived at Jalan TAR sharp at 7am and made our way from the car park to Sogo. The weather was absolutely fine. Alhamdulillah.My son-in-law Aminuddin will run with me in the 10km category. The only difference is I am a Veteran runner whilst Amin is an Open runner....🤗

Our run started at 7.45am and whilst walking to the front in our running pen, we saw my hubby waving at us from outside the fence. Hubby will be running the 5Km Fun Run category. This will be his first SCKLM run.  

There are three categories for the 10KM i.e. Speed, Cruise and Leisure. I chose the latter because I want to take my time in Finishing the race. Still I hope to Finish under two hours In shaa Allah.

Aminuddin and I passed the 5km mark and he told me "Ummi I think we are running faster this time." Really? MashaAllah.

I told Aminuddin not to wait for me when running. He should just go ahead at his speed but he insisted to run with my snail pace...😅😅😅

After the seventh kilometre with three kilometre to Finish, it rained. Both of us were soak to the skin. At first it was just drizzling when we ran up Padang Merbok (I really dread this part) but as soon as we reached the top it pours. I had to remove my glasses since it got misty.  But then, I am long sighted, so no problem running without my spectacles.

Alhamdullillah the rain stopped shortly but it continued to drizzle until the Finished line. Kak ngah and Sofiyah were already waiting for us at the kerb about 100 metres from the Finish line to take our pictures.

Hubby too Finished his 5km Fun Run and got his medal but...his name was not on his running bib. Kak ngah managed to buy a bib for hubby from another runner who could not make the run. So hubby In shaa Allah next year please confirm asap if you want to run the prestigious SCKLM 2018. 😆😆😆

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