Saturday, April 1, 2017

Mak-maks' Day Out

I finally met my bff from Perth, Hajah Zarinah when I arrived at the Better Recipe Restaurant, Le Meridian Putrajaya after Kursus Haji this morning. I was late for our buffet lunch because the kursus only ended at noon. 

Hajah Zarinah and her eldest sister Kak Long Rahmah were fetched by Datin Yurniaty Buyung at their brother's abode in Seremban where they are staying until their niece's wedding scheduled April 9, In shaa Allah.

I was parking my car at the hotel's basement when my mobile rang. It   was Datin Yun informing me that Siti Aiziah aka Hawa (my cousin) had arrived. 

When I was ushered to the table where my bffs were seated, I mistook Rahmah for Zarinah. OMG I was embarassed and apologised when I said Rahmah has put on weight thinking she was Zarinah. I felt like kicking myself. So malu....

They both look so much alike. Sure lah.....they are sisters lah....

The other bffs in our Supermums group could not make it. They were Datin Aini, Nooryati, Salmah and Norehan. 

After we had our lunch, all of us went to the powder room aka toilet. 😆😆😆. It was so funny when Zarinah could not turn on the faucet attached to the toilet bowl to cleanse herself. So when we thought it was faulty or broken, we helped her to try the other cubicles. I too tried. But then when I turn on the faucet, water shot out and hit the toilet door. Luckily I managed to flatten against the toilet wall thus avoiding the sudden gush of water hitting me. Hahahaaa... we were all laughing so much that we really need to use the toilet. 😂😂😂

We then went to the surau on level one to solat Zohor. Since it was already four o'clock after our solat, we decided to wait for solat Asar too. 

After solat Asar we went down to the hotel lobby to meet up with Zarinah's friend Norhalizah and her daughter who were waiting for us there.  We then took a few photos and bade farewell to Zarinah's friend and her daughter.

Since IOI Putrajaya Mall is just next door, we went shopping. Aiziah and I went to Uniqlo to buy a few undergarments whilst Datin Yun, Zarinah and Rahmah waited for us at one of the benches at the mall. 

Then from the mall, we drove to Putrajaya in two cars. Datin Yun with Aiziah (co pilot 🙄) whilst Zarinah and Rahmah followed me in my Mercs. 

It was raining when we left the mall. But then when we reached Putrajaya it was drizzling.  Since our meeting point was at PICC, I parked at the Masjid Putrajaya and took photos of Zarinah and Rahmah at the huge roundabout infront of the Masjid, whilst waiting for Datin Yun and Aiziah.

When they finally arrived, we took more photos especially wefies. 😅😅😅

Then Datin Yun left her Honda at the roundabout, and we all got into my Mercs for our journey to PICC

Then more wefies at PICC.

We then had our solat Maghrib at Masjid Sultan Mizan aka Masjid Besi. 

After solat we drove to Ayer8 for dinner at Homsi Chinese Muslim Restaurant. It was drizzling when we left the restaurant so we could not ride the brightly lighted peddleshaws available. Another reason we were already so tired.

So we drove to the Masjid Putra roundabout but could not drive to it because the entrance from the bridge was blocked and the security guard ushered us to move on. So how were we to get to Datin Yun's Honda?

No worries....there's Lady Waze with her accent. So she directed us to another entrance.  It was hilarious when we heard her pronounciation of the road names at Putrajaya. 😂😂😂

We finally reached the roundabout and found Datin Yun's Honda safe and sound. 

We then gave each other big hugs, seek forgiveness and bade farewell. Datin Yun then return to Seremban with Zarinah and Rahmah whilst Aiziah followed me home since her hubby will fetch her from my abode.

In shaa Allah we will meet again, Perth maybe? 🛩🛩🛩

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