Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Kajang Seremban Kajang Juasseh Kajang

Sofiyah drove us to Seremban this morning. She has an appointment with the Dermatologist at a clinic in Seremban town.  

We had to wait for more than two hours before we got to see the lady doctor. 

Whilst the doctor was examining Sofiyah I noticed there was an incoming call from my mobile. I ignored it.

Then whilst waiting for her medicine I returned the call. It was from my paternal cousin. He informed me that his mom, my abah's sister-in-law had passed away.

So I then called hubby, my abah and also all my siblings re the sad news. Sofiyah and I then returned to Kajang where hubby was waiting for me at home.

Hubby and I then drove to Juasseh for my aunty's funeral.  Since we had not had our lunch we stopped at a warong just after Ulu Bendol to savour their kampung dishes. Alhamdullillah.

We then had our solat Asar at Masjid Juasseh before proceeding to my cousin's abode. 

After we had our solat maghrib/eshaq we had dinner with our cousins at a Tom Yam restaurant near Juasseh town.

We could not stay for the funeral the next day so we bade farewell and offer our condolences to my dear cousins and their families.

It was almost midnight when we finally arrived home.

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