Sunday, April 9, 2017

Hajj 2017 Medical Checkup

Hubby and I drove to KK Saujana Putra this morning after breakfast for our medical checkup before leaving for Hajj. Using google map we arrived at our destination even though we were stuck on the highway due to an accident just before our exit. It took us an hour to reach the hospital, otherwise the journey from home is only twenty five minutes In shaa Allah.

There was quite a long queue and whilst waiting for my turn I chatted with this lady sitting beside me.  MashaAllah...she was an exMonkshillian too. But she was my senior when we were at Monks Hill Secondary School in Singapore. So we took a few pics and I told her I will post our pic at MHSS fb page, then perhaps her exclassmates could get in touch with her. In shaa Allah.

Alhamdullillah, hubby and I passed our medical check up. 

Then on our way to Haji Zaid and Hajah Basirah's daughter's wedding, we drove via Semenyih to Seremban, we drop by at Serene Heights Sales Gallery to view the house kak ngah wants to buy.  

Finally we arrived at Haji Zaid's abode and met Datuk Nordin and his lovely wife Datin Yurniaty, whom we met when we did our Hajj in 2006. Datin Yun and I are bffs. ❤❤❤

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