Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Passport, Teh Tarik and Grandson

Hubby went to the Kajang Imigration Department to renew his passport this morning. He has to renew his passport for our Hajj pilgrimage in August, In shaa Allah. There was a long queue so he decided to drive to Rembau RTC to renew his passport there. But the passport will only be ready in three days.😅

I was busy ironing when hubby called to take me to IOI Putrajaya Mall.  Since Sofiyah was on leave today, she followed us too. 

We lepak at Teh Tarik Place where I ordered Nasi Lemak Sotong and Tahu Sumbat.  Hubby had Mee Curry whilst Sofiyah had French Toast. When hubby could not finish his Mee Curry, I finished it for him. Boy was I hungry. Hahaha....

We then went shopping at Parkson. Hubby bought clothes for all our three grandchildren. Alhamdulillah.

On our way home we visited our son Badruzzaman and his family. When we arrived at his apartment, little Zavian was waiting for us too. 

When I wanted to carry Zavian he started to cry. Hahaaha.....oh Zavian, you tak kenal Nekliz ke? Well, the last time we met was about two weeks ago.Hehee....

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