Sunday, March 5, 2017

MWM 2017 @Stadium Shah Alam

Kak Ngah fetched Sofiyah and I at 5am this Sunday morning. We drove to Shah Alam Stadium, the venue for this year's Malaysia Women Marathon. 

Since the Surau for ladies at the Stadium could not accommodate Sofiyah and I (it was packed with other runners), we laid down our prayer mat and had our solat Fajr just outside the Surau. Then when more runners turn up to pray too, kak ngah then laid the straw mat which we brought along too. 

After praying, I went to the Starting line and joined other runners who were warming up with the running coach on the stage.

Sharp at 6.30am we began our 10KM run. Alhamdulillah I Finished the run in less than two hours. Yeyyyyyy..... 

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