Thursday, March 30, 2017

Breaking Fast at Perahu Pecah

After sending Sofiyah to work, I booked Grab again to KL Central. Since there was no train to Tanjong Malim from KL Central I took the train to Sg Buloh, but I disembark at KL Railway station to wait for the Tanjong Malim train instead.

When I arrived at Tanjong Malim station, it was almost Maghrib and time to break fast. So I bought a mug of hot Milo and a red bean pau for iftar. Alhamdullillah.

Hubby arrived as soon as I finished my Milo and pau. He then took me to Restaurant Perahu Pecah where we had our dinner. It was funny when hubby told the waitress to inform the chef not to add Ajinomoto to our ordered dishes. 😆😆😆

After dinner we checked into Hotel Summit Signature for our stay at Slim River.

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