Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Restoren Nasi Bamboo Sg Klah

Yesterday the cab driver told me not to come on weekends...long queue Puan. So laling took me here for lunch today, late lunch.

When we arrived there was quite a crowd too but no long queue. Alhamdullillah. 

Laling queued to buy two pieces of bamboo rice whilst I chose the many varieties of kampung dishes available. Then laling bought ikan bakar as well.

When laling wanted to buy extra bamboo rice, he was told to wait ten minutes. So, the next time if we eat here, buy extra rice bamboo if dont want to wait ten minutes.

For dessert we had cucur udang and air kembang semangkuk. Laling said the air kembang semangkuk is really tasty. Rarely served this way he said. 

This restaurant also serves kambing bakar and satay. We were already full so we did not try these dishes. Perhaps next time, In shaa Allah.

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